The CocoTerra PODcast: Nib On This – Episode 9

by | Jan 11, 2024 | Chocolate Information

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In this episode of Nib On This we chat with Jonas Ketterle, He’s the mastermind behind Ora Cacao. Jonas not only crafts unsweetened ceremonial-grade cacao for sacred rituals worldwide but also hosts monthly cacao ceremonies within his men’s circle. In these unique gatherings, participants sip on cacao and engage in embodied wrestling, creating a holistic experience. 

Join us as we delve into Jonas Ketterle’s chocolate journey, exploring the magic of cacao ceremonies and the passion behind crafting exquisite bean-to-bar dark chocolate. Get ready to nib on the extraordinary as we uncover the wonders of Jonas Ketterle’s cacao world.

Each month, we’ll have a different guest speaking about their experience with the wonderful world of chocolate and cacao. The Nib on This podcast is all about sharing inspirational chocolate stories from the past and discussing the future of chocolate. We hope you enjoy listening to the eighth episode of our Nib on This podcast. If you have a chocolate passion, we are always open to suggestions for topics or guests that have inspired you.

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