Wonka movie chocolate:5 types of chocolate seen in the wonka movie

by | Jan 29, 2024 | Chocolate Information

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We couldn’t stop at just two articles about Wonka, so we decided to add a third. This one will be short but special, focusing on the five creative and fun types of chocolate we spotted in the recently released Wonka movie starring Timothée Chalamet. We couldn’t resist sharing these delightful chocolates with you!

5 types of chocolate seen in new Wonka movie

We discovered online that filming the movie included having an on-set chocolatier and a “great deal” of real chocolate. Instead of using a substitute, the movie even featured a real vat of lukewarm chocolate in which Chalamet and co-star Calah Lane could stand. They had this amazing chocolatier who crafted incredible chocolates, and they even got to eat them! Lucky for the actors, the chocolates tasted even better than necessary.  While actors are skilled at pretending, we found out that they actually tasted just as good as they looked.


These goodies show up a lot in Wonka’s world. Willy uses them to pay and tempt the sneaky Oompa-Loompa. We can guess they’re chocolate, and they definitely look delicious! In the story, everyone is raving about them. We assume they’re like truffles with a yummy ganache filling inside.


Silver Lightning Chocolates are adorable bites, crafted from condensed silver clouds and liquid sunshine – ingredients that could only exist in the movie (at least, we couldn’t find them at the local market). These cloud-shaped chocolates were a super fun and creative way to make environmental chocolate.


These giraffe-inspired chocolates are just too cute! They look like a perfect blend of chocolate and biscuit, and if we had to guess, the delightful fusion of flavors might include hints of caramel or coffee. The intricate design and adorable appearance makes them an irresistible treat for anyone who loves chocolate.


Flower shaped chocolate tea cups are functional and absolutely genius! Visually it appears these chocolates have a crunchy thin chocolate layer on the outside, filled with a  smooth ganache filling. The teacup shape and lively colors awaken an irresistible craving, making us wish for the chance to experience them in the real world.  No plastic waste here – when you are done with your cup… eat it!


For us, these chocolates were the most impactful and visually beautiful pieces in the movie. The story behind them, where you float due to tiny insects hatching in your body, is so imaginative (and a little creepy )that it truly blows our minds. It’s definitely one of the most fun scenes in the movie – people eating chocolate and floating!

Those are five of the chocolates featured in the new Wonka movie.  If you have a chance to recreate any of them, make sure to post to social media and tag CocoTerra. 

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