What’s the difference between a praline, a truffle and a bonbon?

by | Jul 3, 2023 | Chocolate Information

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Chocolate lovers, rejoice! In this blog post, we’ll explore the differences between pralines, truffles and bonbons, in an effort to understand the unique characteristics and flavors that make each of these indulgent confections a delight for your taste buds. 

Let us take you on a delectable journey as we explore the world of chocolate craftsmanship and artistry that goes into making these sweet delights!

What’s the difference between a praline, a truffle and a bonbon?

These three chocolate treats have distinct characteristics that set them apart. Pralines feature a crunchy nut and sugar filling; truffles have a creamy ganache center; bonbons encompass a wide range of filled chocolates. Each of these treats offers a unique taste experience, making them beloved choices for indulging in the world of confectionery delights.

What is a praline?

Pralines are a type of confection made from nuts, usually almonds, hazelnuts, or pecans combined with sugar. The nuts are toasted and caramelized before being finely ground or processed into a paste that is used as a filling or flavoring for the chocolates.

The word “praline” has different definitions in different culinary traditions. For example, in the United States, praline often refers to a candy made with brown sugar, butter and pecans. Though they’re popular across the Southern U.S., they’re most associated with New Orleans, Louisiana. However, in European confectionery, particularly in France and Belgium, a praline typically refers to a nutty paste made with caramelized sugar and nuts.

Praline is a versatile confection that is often used as a component in chocolate, and desserts like cakes, pastries, and ice creams.

What is a chocolate truffle?

A chocolate truffle is a bite-sized confection made from a mixture of chocolate and cream. The name “truffle” comes from its resemblance to the fungus called truffle, due to its rounded shape and irregular surface. Chocolate truffles are traditionally hand-rolled into small balls, but they can also be molded into different shapes.

Chocolate truffles are creamy, rich, and indulgent. They come in a variety of flavors and can be customized with different coatings or fillings. For added flavor, the cream can be infused with ingredients such as vanilla, liqueurs, spices, or fruit extracts.

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What is a chocolate bonbon?

Chocolate bonbons are bite-sized pieces of chocolate with a variety of fillings. These delectable treats were named after the French word “bon” which means “good” or “delicious,” which perfectly describes them.

A chocolate bonbon typically consists of a chocolate shell or coating that encases a soft or creamy filling. The filling can be made from various ingredients, including ganache, caramel, fruit puree, nuts, liqueur, or flavored creams.

Bonbons are often handcrafted, and chocolatiers use various techniques to decorate them with intricate designs or patterns on the chocolate shell.

When you bite into a chocolate bonbon, you’ll experience a harmonious balance of chocolate and filling. This yummy combination will burst with flavors in each delectable bite.

3 differences between pralines, truffles and bonbons?


  • Pralines have a crunchy texture due to the caramelization of sugar and the inclusion of toasted nuts.
  • Truffles have a creamy chocolate mixture with a smooth, melt-in-your-mouth experience.
  • Bonbons can vary in texture from creamy to chewy or crunchy depending on the specific filling used.


  • Pralines have a distinct, nutty flavor and a sweet caramelized sugar finish. The nutty notes give the candy its richness and depth.
  • Truffles often have a rich, intense chocolate flavor. Ganache can be flavored with various ingredients to create different tastes.
  • Bonbons offer a variety of flavors due to their various fillings, ranging from fruit-infused ganaches to nutty praline fillings, and even indulgent caramel centers.


  • Pralines are typically shaped into flat disks, squares or rectangles. 
  • Truffles are usually rolled into round or irregularly shaped balls and can be covered with cocoa powder or chocolate.
  • Bonbons come in a variety of shapes, ranging from spheres to more intricate designs. They are often beautifully decorated with intricate colored patterns, showcasing their artistic presentation.

Pralines, truffles, and bonbons are all made with chocolate but offer different eating experiences. These differences in composition, texture, flavor profiles, and presentation contribute to their unique characteristics and make each of them a distinct and enjoyable indulgence.

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